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Heavenly's Friendship & Angel Kiss - $1.99


Maybe you have a special friend who needs a token of love and friendship or maybe a special angel kiss. This gift is a gift of love from you to someone you care for. This is delivered through email. Just make sure that when you pay for this auction that you give me the email address of the special person you want it emailed to. Remember, it is an act of love. Just like an e-card it will brighten up the one whom you are sending it to.

An Angel kissed my tears away today when I was very sad. I wasn't feeling quite myself, my day had been so bad. I felt a warmth brush by me that quickly dried my tears. A gentle, kind, and loving touch that seemed to hold me near. Immediately, I felt so much better and the day seemed brighter too. I guess that's just the way you feel when an Angel comforts you.

It will be delivered by email as quickly as possible.

I have sold many of Heavenly's Friendship & Angel Kisses that have been just the right touch when a HUG was needed.